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The Foundation

The Powiśle Community Foundation is a public benefit organization with its registered office in Warsaw Śródmieście District and the mission to prevent from social exclusion of families. Our purpose is to support families in performing their educational roles and solving difficulties.

The Powiśle Community Foundation has been acting for the benefit of the Warsaw residents since 1989. It was established in Warsaw Powiśle District by a group of social workers, psychologists and educators, who decided to open clubs for children – the little dickens being a real nuisance for the small community of the Powiśle District. That was the first activity included in the mission adopted by the Foundation, namely the counteraction to social marginalisation.

Over the years, the Foundation has been adopting its activity to the local needs. The Centres run by the Foundation included, among others, the Children’s Care Centre, a Kindergarten, the Crisis Small Hotel, the Foster Family Care Centre, the Self-Help Home and numerous Occupational Therapy Workshops.

At the moment the Foundation’s Team is working out three main programs including numerous projects:

  1. The Community Psycho-Preventive Program for children and families from marginalised environments (2 Family Counselling Centres, 2 Specialised Daily Support Centres, the Family Assistants Team – occupational therapists).
  2. The Therapeutical Program for teenagers affected with addiction problem (a Hostel for teenagers, individual assistance).
  3. The Training Program preparing the students of social majors and volunteers to provide professional assistance to the people from marginalised environments.

Over the many years of its activity, the Foundation’s Team has worked out rules and priorities it is guided by in its work:

  1. The area of our activity includes the local social programs implemented in Warsaw Śródmieście District or the whole Warsaw as well as the programs dedicated to a professional environment.
  2. The programs are the reply to the toughest problems of the local community where the public services’ offer is ineffective and insufficient.
  3. The assistance activities are oriented to the development of the wards’ autonomy, their own activity and not to the direct satisfaction of their first needs.
  4. We aim at the comprehensive, multi-faceted perception of the needs and problems of the receivers, and to interdisciplinary, systemic solutions covering the whole family, group or environment.
  5. We act in cooperation with the local community, local organisations, services and self-governmental authorities.
  6. The social utility of the programs and their effectiveness, professionalism and reliability are the basis of the cooperation with sponsors.
  7. The staff, its commitment, experience and practical, professional skills are the basic capital of the Foundation.
  8. The professional and ethical standards as well as the evaluation and supervision of the professional environment and vocational organisations are the substantial facilities of the Foundation.

Details of the Foundation:

Powiślańska Fundacja Społeczna (The Powiśle Community Foundation)
Ul. Mokotowska 55
00-542 Warszawa
e-mail: biuro@pfs.pl
NIP: 526-10-29-324
Regon: 06211689
KRS: 0000034996

Bank account:
ING Bank Śląski Oddział w Warszawie (Branch in Warsaw)
No. 79 1050 1038 1000 0023 0103 6808


< script type = "text/javascript" > var callback = function(formatted_number, mobile_number) { var e = document.getElementById("pfs_number"); e.innerHTML = ""; e.appendChild(document.createTextNode(formatted_number)); }; < /script> 1-800-123-4567